Medieval Run 2019 | INFO



The Medieval Run will take place Saturday, May 18, 2019 in the medieval city of Bouillon

Join the Paladins (8K) or Knights (15K) race to experience the adventure! This year, exclusive rates are available for the first registrations.


From January 10 to May 8, 2019 8pm :

   € 10 per person


January 10, 2019 8 pm to January 15 included:  

 € 32 per person

January 16 to March 31 included:

€ 38 per person

April 1st to May 8th 8pm:

€ 42  per person

No registration on site


January 10, 2019 8 pm to January 15 included:  

 € 39 per person

January 16 to March 31 included:

€ 46 per person

April 1st to May 8th 8pm:

€ 50  per person

No registration on site

+ € 5 in Elite and Age Category for the OCR EUROPE Qualification


In addition to the thousands of participants, the Medieval Run is part of the qualifying races for the OCR European Championship and brings together several elites of the obstacle course. It is possible to register in the Elite category or to select an age category when registering.


A unique experience for children!

Children between 7 and 15 years old can run the Medieval Kids. Plunged into the skin of young knights, they will have to travel 3km and cross several obstacles for their greatest pleasure. Water, mud, palisade will be only part of the adventures they will have to overcome !

RuleBook & Obstacles 2019


Het Rulebook en de ostakellijst 2019 zullen zeer snel gepubliceerd worden !


The 8km course will have 1 refueling course and refueling finish. The 15km course will have 2 pit stops and final refueling. Refueling 1 with water, refueling 2 complete (solid and liquid).


o become a volunteer and come help us at the Medieval Run, bring your smile and good mood to encourage and support the participants, there is nothing simpler. Contact us by email at

Car Park

Several car parks will be at your disposal in Bouillon. The police will be intransigent compared to wild car parks. Be sure to respect the places at your disposal. Also be sure to leave an area of 4m crossing for vehicles safety, ambulance, firefighters. Thank you for carpool a maximum, regroup and come on Bouillon with a minimum of cars, it will save you from turning in Bouillon to find a parking space.


You can exchange your bib (applicable fees) on If you have subscribed to the cancellation insurance, you can request the reimbursement of your bib number by email.


A map of the course will be available in the marquee with the withdrawal of bibs, some obstacles easily accessible on foot will be marked on the map.


Animals are forbidden on the course for safety reasons for you and other participants.